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GMC Project Development Consultants FZE provides exclusive services in Rope access to all engineering requirements and Installation on all ranges of infrastructure, electrical inspection, Amusement Park inspection, towers, facades, and sign boards. We are specialized in offshore Inspection and precise installation services.

GMC rope access team of Engineers/ Experts/ technicians have vast experience in the filed of Inspection of structural Engineering of Bolts/ Torque Verification/ Torque testing of bolts. GMC Project Development Consultants FZE expertise in regularly inspecting and monitoring amusement park and rides to ensure safety, security and structural integrity of the guest and operators. Rope access Engineers/ technicians ensure that the parks are thoroughly inspected for integrity and safety of the amusement rides/devices.

GMC Project Development Consultants FZE rope access experts/ technicians are IRATA level 3/2/1 certified with International recognition and offers high skilled expertise in offshore and on-shore projects.

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