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GMC Project Development Consultants FZE offers disinfection and sanitation services in United Arab Emirates. It is our responsibility to ensure 100 % disinfection of your facility by understanding your requirements and manage the entire journey. We follow quality standard during the full process of disinfection and ensure customer relationship as our top priority.  GMC Project Development Consultants FZE offers ensure safety of family, friends, relatives and colleagues by disinfecting the surroundings and the work-place.


Disinfection in Dubai, and other emirates ensure work-safe and hygiene environment for residents, expatriates and to all community people. Our services are offered by high skilled technicians and follow stringent protocols during the process. Our full process are quality dependent and our procedure are approved.

While disinfection has always been a prevalent and paramount topic throughout history, yet its application and comprehension is far more crucial and obligatory in these times.

​You need disinfection for your own safety.  Moreover, for the safety of your family, or your employees or within the workspace you are in.  Disinfection is not a luxury, its a mandatory safety measure that irrespective of your budget, or lifestyle has to be undertaken.