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GMC Project Development Consultants FZE can able to assess the effectiveness of the HSE Management System (HSE-MS), and provide independent assurance through HSE consultancy.

The risks are adequately controlled and managed through the knowledge transfer. A key component to continuous improvement in HSE is an effective and inspection program.


Health, Safety and Environmental Inspections offer a strong return on investment when conducted by experienced professionals.We provide our Health and safety guidance and full document review for the following:

  • EHS manual
  • Project EHS plan
  • EHs induction plan
  • Preparing site welfare facilities plan
  • Hazardous & risk assessment
  • Environment inspection & audits
  • Preparing site traffic management plan
  • Emergency evacuation plan
  • EHS Management System
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Preparing Site Electrical Safety Plan
  • Site Logistics Plan

We extend our services in independent audits programme provide our clients with the ability to identify and recommend improvements in their operations, projects and management programs. We are thoroughly familiar with Health, Safety, and Environmental regulations and know how they apply in real-world circumstances.

Since auditing has emerged as a systematic process intended to verify compliance with established standards and, in some cases, to review the effectiveness of management systems, it tends to be most effective for those HSE issues that are well defined by specific audit criteria.